Mixed Use Building, Dublin

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Mixed Use Building, Dublin

Mixed Use Building


Dublin, Ireland

Services Provided

RC Detailing, Structural BIM, Structural Design

Construction Materials

In-Situ Concrete

Project Statistics

m 2

Retail and Residential Space


DMA Engineers Delivered this Project


Storey High Building

DMA undertook the Detailed Structural Design and Reinforced Concrete Detailing of this project. When the design was complete DMA also produced a Building Control Calculations report for the project consultant to submit.

In order to achieve an economic design we produced a 3D Structural Analysis Model using Tekla Structural Designer and undertook the detailed design of the building in accordance to Eurocodes. We designed all slabs using finite element analysis and by using full curtailment of the reinforcement during detailing we managed to achieve significant savings on rebar.

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